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Thomas Brunke Product development and design

AERA BIGLOOP – Colourful and robust. – Tufted.

Sometimes it’s the distinctive things that determine the moment. Like the imposing cloud formation that suddenly seems to bring the blue sky to life. Or the rock in the surf, which thrusts itself proudly and powerfully against the roaring spray of the sea. Marked, robust and full of surprising effects is also AERA BIGLOOP, which knows how to set perfect accents with its coarse loop pile and distinctive textile appearance. And this pleasantly eye-catching and yet restrained, somehow colourful and yet discreet. The multi-coloured unpatterned carpet with loop pile surface is available as rolls or carpet tiles in a total of 20 colours. The SolutionDyed® technology ensures excellent colour resistance for many years and thanks to the environmentally friendly ECONYL® fiber, AERA BIGLOOP scores not only visually but also in terms of sustainability.

Special features

ECONYL®-regenerated Nylon – durable and colourfast
The eco-friendly ECONYL® fibre consists of 100% recycled raw materials and is produced using the solution-dyed process – colourfast through and through.

SolutionDyed – colourfast through and through.

  • spinneret-dyed already during yarn production
  • outstanding cleaning properties
  • resistant to UV radiation and yellowing
  • environmentally friendly due to significant savings of fresh water, waste water, energy and CO2